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In 2001, founder, Greg Poole was at a crossroads. Suffering from, what would later be diagnosed as, PTSD he found himself at a crossroads. Channeling the hurt and pain inside, he began what would later become Can's Can Ministries. Starting with collecting recyclables and selling his sports cards collection Can's Can was able to fund it's first successful project. Since our inception we have expanded into southern Illinois classrooms, assisted living facilities, foster agencies, sports projects, and more. 

We operate on funding based upon the sale of Greg's personal collection. 100% of our sales go back into the ministry and we are totally volunteer ran. 

After years of operating under the umbrella of other organizations, we formally became a non-profit in 2019. In an effort to serve an ever growing population we opened our Resource Center in 2020 that features areas in which teachers, social workers, and foster families can pick up items free of charge.

Can's Can has since gone on to assist in projects in over 300+ southern Illinois classrooms, countless assisted living facilities, and more. 

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