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Growing up in Benton and Southern Illinois it is impossible to not come into contact with those in need.

As I moved through high school, I felt more and more compelled to step out and try and help alleviate those problems. So, I began to help using the only currency I had at the time – baseball cards.

Now for much of the past 15 years I have been selling my personal collection of sports cards and memorabilia to fund various “social” activities in the Benton community and beyond.

Can's Can works to ensure that all kids and teachers in Southern Illinois have the tools and materials necessary to succeed both in the classroom and in life. 

We have two retail locations (inside the County Seat Antique Mall in Benton and Can's Can HQ - 205 Bailey Lane in Benton) and utilize the sports card show market to raise funds for these projects.  


We operate on the 100% model, meaning 100% of all our sales goes to our projects.  Can's Can is an all volunteer organization and all of our "inventory" comes from my personal collections.  It is my firm belief that we maintain this model to ensure that we are able to effective in our efforts. 

With these funds we purchase computers, school supplies, clothes, and any other items for classroom items that may be needed. We also work closely with local assisted living homes to ensure that their seniors needs are met.


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